Casual Chess Meetup 2020-12-31

IRC text chat

Say hi and ask for a game in our IRC chat room, channel #rockerchess-2020-12-31 on the IRC network Freenode ( No account required, just pick a username.

You can use an IRC client, open a web interface in a new window, or use the embedded webchat below.

Google Meet Video Conference

At noon Winnipeg time we'll start admitting people to our Google Meet Video Conference

Note that any video or audio you enable will be not just in the video conference, but also live streamed on Facebook and later posted on YouTube. If you're shy about that, just stick to IRC and/or keep your camera and microphone off.

Facebook Feed

Live stream on Facebook

Conference call games

Conference call games (voice both sides)

These are lichess studies

Conference call games (voice on one side)